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On a mission to make electronic music creation more expressive, authentic, and fun!

Stephen grew up playing the synthesizer keyboard in a string of rock bands. Being a cello player as well, he was often disappointed with the lack of dynamic control of the keyboard compared to his cello. The volume sliders and mod wheels on the keyboard simply did not compare to the natural, organic control he had with the cello.

The Nova is designed and built to be the most intuitive, expressive instrument for controlling synthesizers. If you love synth sounds, playing them with the Nova will feel like a whole new level of sonic control and fluency. Whether you are a guitarist or bassist who wants to play electronic sounds in a familiar form factor, a synth enthusiast looking for new ways of interacting with the sounds you love, or a DJ hoping to take your performance to the next level, this is the instrument for you! The Nova brings new possibilities and unlocks a unique world of music creation.